This year as we look to the cultural zeitgeist, one thing truly stands out as the next influencer of weddings; Nostalgia. The pendulum has swung back and what is old seems new again. 2018 will see couples gravitate to the things they've cherished before. It's said that pop-culture recycles itself every thirty years. As we await the reboot of the 1990's there seems to be a last hurrah for the 1980's. You don't need to look hard to see this throwback, with the recent fascination of cassette tapes, synth based music, and the popularity of the Netflix series "Stranger Things." We just can't seem to get enough of nostalgia.

Chances are if you are feeling a little nostalgic, so are your guests. You can amaze and delight them with a bevy of ideas that will make your wedding fun. We are at a tipping point because we've been so preoccupied with Edison bulbs, mason jars, and reclaimed barn siding, that there is pent up demand for the 'what's next!' We're starting to see the revival of '80s neon fonts and retro-inspired foods like the Sloppy Joe and deviled eggs.

You can also see the fascination with nostalgia pop up in board games and group activities. It seems as though we've rediscovered the amusement and connection that these games provide us. Something as simple as Tick-tack-toe could be a fun jumping off point for your wedding inspiration.

Imagine how clever it would be to incorporate X and O throughout the design of your wedding, from the invitations to graphic inspired floral arrangements. Cafe-style paper table covers printed with the signature Tick-tack-toe hashmarks and place setting featuring No. 2 pencils (another nostalgic throwback) encourage guests to start up impromptu games with those around them. Then tie the concept all together with an inventive wedding hashtag.

What is more nostalgic than the sweet tastes from your childhood combined with the fond memories around the campfire? Another nostalgic throw-back, the S'more, has been gaining attention. From artisan marshmallows to the new S'mores Girl Scout cookie and even kits at Anthropologie, could S'mores be the new cupcake? Interactive S'mores bars will have your guests huddling over mini-roasting stations. Turn this delicious confection up a notch with North Mallow Marshmallows and Ghirardelli Chocolates. For the purists, provide those classic Hershey's chocolate bricks. There are so many creative ways to incorporate cherished memories into your wedding. Whatever you choose, you will find your guests reminiscing over any elements that you incorporate that create a sense of nostalgia.


This year, we will continue to see fuller A-line gowns, but not quite full enough to be a ball gown. Pant suits were a mod look of the 1970's -1980's and these are walking the wedding aisle, too, as designers make a second attempt to re-introduce these styles to brides. This coming season we see capes, caplet sleeves, and overblouses in many designs, combined with fabrics from embellished illusion to all over traditional lace. We watched as they wrapped simple column dresses and short mini-dresses allowing the drama for the ceremony to be removed for the party to follow. Some dresses are much shorter than last season; perfect for a courthouse or intimate garden wedding at home.

With many designers embracing this creative look, we see a crossover from light marabou feathers to heavier ostrich feathers that create a 1930's Hollywood glam look. Of course, in using this fabrication with feathers, layered skirts and removable overskirts assist in the uniqueness of the flow and movement of the skirt, whether an A-line, mermaid, or tiered column gown.


The popularity of Tequila has us looking fondly towards our next margarita. We're not talking those margarita mix drinks, but the good old-fashioned fresh squeezed lime variety. These can be amped up a notch with agave syrup and sage leaves, muddled star fruit, or even a scoop of ice cream! These picture-perfect cocktails served shaken in a martini glass would surely be the hit at any reception.


As the eco-friendly movement continues, watch as dishes utilize vegetable off-cuts such as carrot tops and beet greens, as chefs seek to cut down on food waste. Mushrooms will be the breakout food-trend for 2018, watch for mushrooms in everything, including mushroom coffee, YES, even mushroom coffee! Since this is YOUR wedding, you should customize the menu! Most culinary teams enjoy the opportunity to do something a bit more challenging and unique. Food should not only taste good, but it should look good as well.


Think outside the box and use other natural garden produce to provide interest and texture. Berries and vegetables can add great unexpected shapes. Foliage, like ferns, can add feather-like texture. Celosia Brain Flowers add a large focal point and unexpected textures to the arrangement. Mixed with the varied tones of greens, pinks, and whites, of combined tulips, cymbidium orchids, and spray roses. The end result was a unique arrangement with a fresh-from-the-garden feel.

Covering an entire table with flowers and weaving the place settings within the floral branches is another bold idea. To have a place setting completely surrounded by floral is creative, and by interjecting different vessels and styles you can also create a full effect. Contrasting vases or accessories can add a pop to the overall arrangement. Unique florals like thistle or succulents bring in new color options to counteract the more expected florals.


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