Feel less stressed and more prepared for your big day with these tips.

Creating a timeline

+ send a timeline to your bridal party

Ensuring you have meals

+ have food for your wedding day vendors

Designating a gift wrangler 

+ make sure someone gets your gifts to your room at the end of the night

Getting a pretty hanger

+ hang your dress on a pretty hanger for photos

Making your shoes slip-free

+ rub the soles of your new shoes with sand paper to make sure they aren't slippery on the dance floor

Making a ladies' amenities kit

+ put together a kit for the bathroom

Ditching your phone

+ give your phone to someone to take photo and videos for you

Getting a touch up kit

+ ask your hair and makeup artists for touch up kits before they leave

Cleaning your ring

+ bring your engagement ring in to your jeweler to be cleaned before your wedding so it is at its sparkly best for photos

Packing backup shoes

+ bring a pair of backup shoes in case your killer high heels become too unbearable

Find the rest of these great practical planning tips for your special day HERE in Volume 4 Issue 2.


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