By  Jes  Hayes  of  Mad  Chicken  Studios 

Wedding  planning  is  tough,  am  I  right?  Planning  a  wedding  is  basically  its  own  full  time  job  on  top  of  the  one you  are  already  working  to  pay  for  the  wedding.  To  top  it  all  off, you  have  to  come  up  with  a  gift  to give  the person  you  are  spending  the  rest  of  your  life  with,  on  your  wedding  day.  No  pressure,  right?  

Enter  boudoir  photography  to  the  rescue.  I  am  sure  you  are  thinking in  your  head  right  now  a  list  of  reasons as  to  why  you  should  not  do  a  boudoir  session.  I  am  here  to  counter  your  list,  with  reasons  why  you  should do  a  session.  

Scheduling  a  boudoir  session  can  be  scary!  But  it  is  just  like  going  to the  gym.  Getting  there  is  most  of  the battle.  Once  you  get  there,  you  will  be  fine.  In  fact,  you  will  be  better  than  fine,  because  if  you  choose  the right  boudoir  photographer,  you  will  leave  your  session  feeling  completely  unstoppable  and  ready  to  take  on  the world.  If  you  still  are  not  sure  and  doubting  yourself,  below  are  five  more  reasons  that  you  should  consider  a boudoir  session  for  yourself  (and  your  fiancĂ©)


1.  It  is  something  you  can  do  alone. As  in,  you  do  not  need  input  from  your  bridesmaids  or  family.  It  is  not an  appointment  that  you  need  to  make  with  their  schedules  in  consideration,  so  they  can  attend with  you.  It  is  just  you  and  your  schedule.  The  same  goes  for  preparing  for  your  session.  Lingerie,  hair and  makeup  can  all  be  decided  by  you  with  the  help  of  your  photographer  and  hair  and  makeup  artist  (if  you  need  it).  I  bet  that  sounds  nice  in  the  flurry  of  all  things  wedding.    

2.  Treat  yourself.  Having  two  full  time  jobs  can  be  pretty  stressful.  It  is  probably  safe  to  say  that  it  has  been awhile  since  you  have  taken  a  day  for  just  yourself  to  relax.  The  best  part  is  you  can  roll  out  of  bed,  get  in your  car,  and  head  to  your  session.  Let  someone  else  take  care  of  hair  and  makeup  for  you,  and  you  just need to  sit  and  relax  for  a  couple  of  hours.  Plus  you  are  going  to  get  gorgeous  photos  of  yourself  after,  and  who doesn't  love  that!  

3.  Date  night.  Between  engagement  parties  and  meetings  with  vendors,  when  is  the  last  time  you  had  a  night out  with  just  the  two  of  you?  You  are  going  to  leave  your  session  looking  and  feeling  gorgeous,  so  it  is  a great  opportunity  to  take  advantage  of  that  and  go  grab  something  to  eat,  or  go  dancing  and  talk  about  all  the things  that  you  haven't  been  able  to  (also  known  as  "no  wedding  talk").  Just  enjoy  each  other  for  the  night.  

4.  Incorporate  details  from  your  wedding  into  your  session. It  is  the  perfect  excuse  to  wear  your  veil,  or wedding  shoes.  You  can  even  bring  in  your  wedding  dress  for  your  session.  Your  wedding  photographer probably will  not  be  capturing  the  details  of  you  getting  into  your  dress,  and  you  probably  do  not  want  to  be  posed  in a  boudoir  fashion  in  front  of  your  mom,  mother-in-law,  and  all  of  your  closest  girlfriends.  Getting  into  your wedding  dress  can  look  ultra  sultry.  At  your  boudoir  session,  you  can  actually  slow  down,  be  posed  correctly, and  get  some  amazing  intimate  images  of  it,  all  without  an  audience.  Then you  can  do  another  set  with  your veil,  wedding  shoes,  and  if  you  are  wearing  lingerie  on  your  wedding  night,  why  not  be  photographed  in  it!

5.  It  is  just  as  much  for  you.  There  is  something  about  becoming  a  bride  that  makes  you  hard  on  yourself  and thinking  of  all  the  things  that  you  need  or  want  to  change  about  yourself.  As  mentioned  already,  you  will  leave your  session  looking  and  feeling  gorgeous  and  you  get beautiful  photos  of  yourself.  That  right  there  is  going  to give  you  an  amazing  confidence  boost.  You will  go  into  your  wedding  day  seeing what  everyone  already  sees  in you.  You  are  beautiful,  and  now  that  you  know  that,  you  will  glow  even  more  on  your  wedding  day!  No  changes necessary.



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