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The Perks Of Planning Off Peak

September 11, 2017


The law of supply and demand rules. Venues and vendors are slow during the off-peak months. That means lower prices and a willingness to negotiate. The financial advantages of planning outside peak wedding months can be significant, saving you up to 30%. Bonus: Airfares and hotel prices are typically lower during slow season as well, which creates cost savings for your out-of-town guests that they are sure to appreciate. 


It is likely that your friends and family receive numerous wedding invitations during the peak months. Competing with other weddings and busy personal schedules means there will be people unable to attend. During the colder months your guests will look forward to the celebration! 


The hot venues, photographers, florists, and other vendors tend to book early. You have a better chance of assembling your wedding dream team, and at a lower price, if you plan during their off season. 


Vibrant fall colors and the rustle of fallen leaves beneath your feet create an air of nostalgia and are often still present during the early weeks of November.Later in the season, a blanket of freshly fallen snow and the crackle of a warm fire can create a fairytale backdrop for a romantic wedding day.  Bottom line: you can't predict the weather. A July wedding may be forced indoors due to rain and a November afternoon could be full of sunshine. Weigh all the factors when selecting your date to determine what works best for you. 


If you have your heart set on a summer or early fall wedding but still want the benefits of planning off-peak, consider a Friday night soir´┐Że or a Sunday morning brunch. Saturday nights are prime but vendors are often eager to fill their other weekend days. If most of your guests are local, Friday night weddings are great. An evening ceremony is romantic, sophisticated, and gives you all day to enjoy the preparations. Sunday mornings are a great option for an intimate ceremony followed by a casual brunch. This fresh take on your wedding day will be a welcome new experience for your guests. Everyone loves a great brunch. Bacon. Mimosas. Donuts. Need we say more?!


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