Spring/Summer 2018 Editors Letter

May 13, 2018

Inside each issue of Lake Bride Magazine we produce pages full of people's stories. Stories about everyday couples who share their stories while their hearts show brightly on their sleeves. Stories of romantic encounters, long lost lovers, and that ever-important spark. Authentic stories focused on human emotion and destiny. 

As fortunate as it is to find true love these days, we feel just as fortunate to be in the position of sharing these stories. No part of the creation of this publication has ever felt like a job. It is most definitely a privilege. 

We are a tiny team doing giant things to promote the people of Minnesota because that is what matters to us. Sharing the stories of those fascinating people is in our blood. It's what sets this magazine apart. It sets the magazine apart but it also sets our people apart. We are northerners - through and through. 

With the dawn of spring and summer brings new life and new growth and we are certainly feeling it at Lake + Co. It's in the air we breathe and it's in the ambition we wake with every single day. To work hard and tell more stories... the people's stories... YOUR stories. 

There are big things breaking the Lake + Co.  horizon this year - new issues, new events to attend, new avenues of telling the story of Minnesota, a new podcast to hear the voices of this great state's northerners. New opportunities for us to keep engaged on multiple levels. So we encourage you to embrace the light, airy inspiration that these seasons bring with them and share your story. With us. With yourself. With those around you. We promise you'll find new energy and a thread of common thinking and camaraderie. It's incredibly liberating and unites people. 

And if you're modest... be modest. That's okay too but always remember that your story is important and worthy of sharing. 


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