Publisher's Letter: Love Matters.

February 21, 2018



It is well documented that those who are [happily] married live longer than single people. This longevity extends to people of all kinds -- pets, long-lost friends, and lovers alike but the point is, we must have connection to others - whether we find that connection through friendship or an intimate partner.  The key is devotional love: the kind of love that a parent has for a child; the kind of love that keeps you up at night tending for someone who is sick; the kind of love that cleans up after your sick dog without getting angry; the kind of love that is unconditional and places another's needs above your own. Selfless love, even if it is counter intuitive, replenishes the self, extending our own energy and capacity. You get more than you give.And this is why we're here...why Lake Bride Magazine exists. Because, simply put, love matters.

"The Buddha spoke about four elements that constitute true love: the capacity to be kind and offer happiness, maitri in Sanskrit, compassion, the capacity to relieve suffering, karuna; the capacity to bring joy every day, mudita; and finally, the capacity of nondiscrimination, upeksha. When there is true love, there is nondiscrimination. The pain of the other is our own pain; the happiness of the other is our own happiness...To make our love meaningful, we need to nourish our bodhicitta, our mind of boundless love and compassion...First, we learn to love one person with all our understanding and insight; then we expand that love to embrace another person, and another, until our love is truly boundless." 


As we continue to see brides and grooms become engrossed in wedding plans, let us all be reminded that the journey is about the rest of our lives, not just one day. Life is short, no need to take it too seriously. Fall head-over-heels in love, marry your person, accept the imperfections and strap yourself in for the ride. It's the journey not the destination. And remember, while marriage may take 10 years, or longer, to master...much like planning your wedding - you only get out of it what you put into it.


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