Build from your favorite things and your best memories as a couple to make your wedding unique and personal.

Painted & Illustrated by: Meredith Latimer Berg

Where did you two first meet?

tip: consider getting married here

Where was your first date?

tip: host your rehearsal dinner at the same restaurant

What did you eat during your first date?

tip: recreate this meal for your wedding menu

You're at the grocery store and on a whim, you decide to get your fiancé a surprise treat - 

what would the treat be?

tip: assemble a welcome box for your out-of-town guests and include this treat inside

What is your favorite cocktail?

What is your fiancé's favorite cocktail?

tip: make these your signature craft cocktails for cocktail hour

What is your favorite late night snack?

tip: have it brought in for a late night snack at your reception

What is your favorite thing to do together?

tip: consider basing your engagement shoot around this

What is your favorite band?

tip: choose one of their songs as your first dance! Think outside the box - not all first dances have to be "traditional."

What is your favorite food?

tip: build your wedding menu around this

Do you have a favorite hot sauce or condiment that you put on everything?

tip: put a bottle at each table for your guests to enjoy

What is one of your favorite vacation memories?

tip: incorporate a taste of that into your reception

Did you and your fiancé write love letters to each other?

tip: pull from those letters and write your own vows or have excerpts included in your programs

Do you and your fiancé have a catch phrase or funny thing you say to each other all the time?

tip: include it on custom cocktail napkins that you can use during cocktail hour and on your cake table

Do you and your fiancé travel together?

tip: think about naming the tables after places that you've traveled together or have special meaning 

to you instead of numbers

What are your favorite sweet treats?

tip: eat dessert first! It's your wedding, you can do what you want!

Do you and your fiancé have a pet?

tip: include your furry friend in your big day, at least for some photos!

Who is a friend or family member who has had a big impact on your relationship?

tip: ask them to officiate your wedding 

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