Nevis, MN

Barn weddings. They're rustic, charming, chic, vintage, and all kinds of other wonder; it's just that there aren't very many event barns in northern Minnesota.

The search was on. Brent and Lindsey Nicklason, a young couple who grew up in Nevis, moved back to their hometown roots several years ago and began searching for the perfect barn to renovate. "We found a lot of barns around the area, but none were suited for events like this one is," Brent says. "They looked huge, but when we toyed with numbers we couldn't fit more than 150 in them. They weren't worth it."

After they realized a gem of a barn on a hill near Nevis would be perfect for an event venue, they purchased the 25-acre property in late spring 2014 from a kindly older couple who had taken exceptional care of the place. They then renovated it together for a full year with the help of Brent's family's construction company, Gary Nicklason Construction, Inc., before embarking on their first season as FireFly event barn in April 2015, with a full lineup of 20 events scheduled for the premier year.

"We want this old barn to be a big blessing for our community," says Lindsey. "It's just waiting for more. You can feel the energy when you walk through the doors. It was an old dairy barn built in the mid-1900s; some parts of the property were used as a printing press in the late 1900s. So much character here."

FireFly is a gorgeous 6,000 square foot white barn with three wings that altogether host about 300 guests, with approximately 200 in the Grand Room. The barn boasts a custom bar built by Brent, six bathroom stalls converted from calving stalls, a food prep area for caterers, heating and cooling units, a West Room for additional meal seating or meeting space, and a rather grandiose entryway, which is one of Lindsey's favorites. "We open this up for weddings and it's just dreamy with all the twinkling lights and the moss chandelier!"

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