Meredith  &  Patrick

Getting  engaged  is  a  whirlwind!  The  night  my  fiancé  proposed  we  definitely  celebrated,  first  just  us  over  the best burgers  in  town  and  then  with  our  friends  and  family  at  Bau  Haus  Brewery.  

From  the  moment  that  sparkle  arrives  on  your  finger  the  questions  start  pouring  in.  

"Have  you  set  a  date  yet?"

"What  season  are  you  thinking?"  

"What  colors  are  you  going  to  choose?"

I  could  go  on  and  on  with  questions  I didn't  even  know  I  would  have  to  answer,  but  when  planning  a  wedding you  have  to  think  of  it  all!

Choosing  the  photographer  was  an  easy  decision  for  us,  we  both  loved  Jessica's  work  and  her  eye  for  capturing romantic  lighting.  If  you're  not  sure  who  to  choose  email  a  few  of  your  favorites  and  ask  for  a  quote. Photography  prices  can  sometimes  give  you  sticker  shock,  but  what  they  do  is  hard  work,  both  before,  during, and  after  your  big  day.  

I  find  the  investment  is  worth  it  as  these  will  be  the  memories  you  have  to  fondly remember  your  wedding day.After  we  booked  our  photographer  we  scheduled  our  engagement  session.  Some couples  choose  to  skip engagement  photos,  but  Patrick  and  I  were  glad  to  have  the  practice  of  taking  intimate photos.  

For  outfits  I  focused  on  colors  that  were  fairly  neutral  on  me  and  dressed  for  the  season.  If  you're doing  your pictures  in  the  spring or  summer  look  for  light,  airy  pieces  that  you  feel  comfortable  in.  Try  the outfits  on  and ask  your  bridesmaids  to  weigh  in.  You  want  to  look  coordinated  with  your  fiancé,  but  not  too matchy-matchy. Most  photographers  will  give  you  a  little  coaching  before  they  start  snapping  pictures  so  don't  worry  if  you  feel like  you've  never  looked  good  in  a  candid.  We  were  nervous  to  start  but  the  nervous  jitters turned  into  some jokes  and  those  turned  into  smiles  and  voila!  Jessica  had  us  choose  an  activity  to  do together, so  we  built  a little  bonfire  because  it's  something  we  both  enjoy  to  do.  If  you  and  your  fiancé  choose  the activity approach keep  it  simple  and  meaningful.  The  engagement  session  was  over  before  we  knew  it!  We  love the opportunity  to work  with  our  photographer  before  our  wedding  day.  Whatever  decisions  you  make  remember  to enjoy  the process! 


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