May 10, 2018


This  is  a  story  of  the  senses once  faded  and  re-awakened, when the two once in love with each other, met.

Nothing  disappears  without  a  trace.  Love  evolves  over  time,  but  it  is  constant,  strong,  affirming.  May  we  see this revolution  of  our  relationship  as  sound,  fortified,  and  abiding.   

Detail  Source  

Photographer  @olgasiyanko  

Planner  @olgasiyanko  

Stylist  @bazhenamua  

Florist  @honey_and_may  

Polygraphy  @my_morningglory  

Dress  @theweddingshop_ru  

Jewelry  @nch_wedding_jewelry  

Dishes  @chamotte_bakery 

Olga  Siyanko  Moscow,  Russia  


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