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In Oct. of 2009, I realized my lifelong passion with flowers by opening Blue Iris. The experience and involvement has been phenomenal. I have met many wonderful clients along the way, some who have become fast friends. Blue Iris has helped many families through sadness and joy. We have been there through blessings and shared new beginnings. The last seven years have been a learning curve.

I have learned more about my town, my neighbors, my community and all that evolves here. What more can a “crazy plant lady” love than to walk into a world of flowers every day and be surrounded by their look and enticing scents?

You just never know where the day will take you! Our suppliers are superior. All year, they continue to deliver your favorite choices. There are so many new varieties in the selection. We continue to be a bride oriented shop. Today’s brides are looking for the new and unusual.

Our unique design team is always available to make your day memorable. Blue Iris plans to continue on this flower journey for many more years.